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Dogs frollicing in the grass playing in a clean yard free of dog poo because it has been cleaned and all the poop removed by Poo Posse poop yard cleaning service located in Stillwater Oklahoma

Saddle Up and let

poo posse wrangle your pet waste!

Well now, ain't nobody fond of findin' dung in their yard, especially when it comes to your kinfolk and critters! Our service is just the ticket for them busy families, folks with disabilities, them ol' timers, and them dog wranglers who've had their fill of doin' the dirty work themselves. Keep your surroundings spick and span, keep 'em safe for the well-bein' of your loved ones and four-legged pals. We do the scoopin' so you don't have to break a sweat!

Poop Scoopin' Services

for Residenial and Commercial Properties

Two Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies

One Time

When you just need your yard cleaned up once after a long winter or getting ready for an event.

Miniature Golden Doodle


For when you have a lot of dogs or a smaller yard and the poop piles up too fast.

Two dogs in the grass


For those with fewer pets or larger yards



When you just need your yard cleaned up occasionaly

Also good for AirBNBs, rental clean ups, and dog parks

What you should expect:

sharp-Dressed Desperados

Our team of dedicated scoopers will arrive at your homestead lookin' mighty fine in their dapper, unmistakable uniforms. You can rest easy knowin' they're trained to handle pet waste with utmost respect.

Quickdraw Service

We understand the importance of a clean and fresh environment for you and your four-legged companions. Our team will always provide prompt and reliable service, makin' sure your yard stays free of any unwanted surprises.

Thorough as a Desperado's Aim

Our skilled scoopers will comb through your land with meticulous precision, leavin' no trace of pet waste behind. We take pride in our sharpshootin' attention to detail, aimin' for a thorough clean every time.

Time to Holster

We understand that life on the frontier can get mighty busy. That's why we offer flexible scheduling options. Whether you need us weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we'll work with you to find the perfect rhythm.

Branded Stagecoaches

Our trusty fleet of wagons proudly display our emblem and contact details. When you see 'em rollin' up to your property, you'll know it's our crew, ready to tackle the dirty work.

Safety and Mother Nature

We value the well-being of your critters and the land we call home. That's why we use pet-friendly solutions and proper disposal methods, keepin' any potential harm at bay.

A Fair Duel

We believe in offerin' competitive prices without compromisin' quality. Our pricing plans cater to all kinds of budgets, and we don't believe in sneakin' in any hidden fees. What you see is what you get.

Hospitality and Good Manners

We value our customers like gold nuggets. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to tip their hat and help answer any questions or concerns you might have.

The poo posse Guarantee

Your satisfaction is like gold in our eyes. If you're not fully satisfied with our service, you let us know, and we'll ride back into town to make things right.

Green spring back yard with beautiful lawn.

Did you know


When yer mutt does its business on the lawn, 'member, that mess flows down the drain 'n pollutes our waterways. Dog poop ain't meant for nature's flow.


Skip cleanin' Fido's poo? Big mistake. Dog waste holds heaps more nitrogen than cows', takin' 'bout a year to break down. It ain't no fertilizer, friend.


High nitrogen scorches yer grass, turnin' it brown 'n lifeless. Dead spots ain't the look ya want on yer green carpet.


Dog droppings invite critters ye don't fancy. Rats 'n mice got a taste fer it, bringin' 'em to yer property uninvited.


How often ya scoop poop? Soon as possible, or once a week if ya got a pack. Keep the yard tidy 'n free from stench.


Mowin' o'er dog dung? No siree. Blades'll scatter the bacteria 'n parasites 'cross yer land, creatin' a spreadin' mess ya don't need.

Rave Reviews

Hannah B.

"I can't thank Poo Posse enough for their incredible pet waste scooping service. They have transformed our backyard into a clean and enjoyable space for our family and pets. The team at Poo Posse is professional, reliable, and truly understands the importance of a pristine yard. I highly recommend their services to every pet owner!"

Brittany F.

"Poo Posse has made a big difference in our lives as pet owners. With their help, we don't have to stress about cleaning up after our pets. They're really friendly and always do a great job. We can't thank Poo Posse enough for being so awesome. They're definitely the best at what they do!"

Rick H.

"Poo Posse has made a big difference in keeping our pets' area clean. They're super careful and clean up all the poop so our yard doesn't smell terrible anymore. The people who work for Poo Posse are really friendly and go above and beyond to make us happy. If you need someone to clean up after your pets, Poo Posse is the way to go!"

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